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Villa Vanowen


Los Angeles, CA






Landscape Architecture

The new permanent supportive community provides over sixty new homes designed in a hamlet of four 3-4 stories structures, organized around garden walks, patios, and a central courtyard.

City Fabrick led the landscape design, establishing a network of outdoor spaces that provide unique social experiences from the front porch that engages the pedestrian realm of Vanowen Boulevard to the intimate small seating areas nestled amongst the landscape in the elevated deck. The porch, lobby, community room, laundry, bike kitchen, dining patio, main courtyard, are clustered together creating an active central hub for resident activities and programming.

Urban + Systems

Planning + Policy

Building +  Interior

Landscape Architecture

Buildings and landscape are used collectively to form the courtyards, patios, and elevated decks including a bosque of trees delineating the main courtyard from the neighboring property while folding grass berms frame the entrances and porch. The buildings are canted to dynamically frame the urban fabric, while creating unique community spaces, and promoting movement throughout the site. An abundance of trees and climbing vines provide shade and greenery to the community spaces managing the local urban heat island while softening the resident spaces.