At City Fabrick, the brilliance of our work emanates from the remarkable individuals who make up our team. They are the real faces behind the innovative designs, strategic planning, and community transformation we are known for.

From diverse backgrounds, our team members unite under a shared vision, leveraging their unique expertise to breathe life into our mission. Their collective passion, creativity, and commitment are the driving force behind City Fabrick, shaping not just structures, but the very essence of community living.

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Meet the city fabrick team

Alexander Jung

Director: Urban Design + Planning

Angelica Meza

Studio Manager + Senior Designer

Baktaash Sorkhabi

Director: Creative Communications

Brian Ulaszewski

Executive Director, Principal

Cassidy Hart

Designer I

Chiara Bonsignori

Project Architect

Chrissy Birkey

Operations Manager + Senior Planner

Eric Gomez

Director: Building + Interior Design

Esequiel Ramirez


Hannah Moon

Designer I

Jacqueline Wee

Designer II

Mina Emamifar Roades

Director: Landscape Architecture

Velveth Alarcon

Designer II

Vesper Lin

Designer I

Yancy Gamboa

Designer I

Board of Directors

City Fabrick has a volunteer Board of Directors that consistently provides strategic guidance, fiscal oversight and expert insight.

City Fabrick’s Board of Directors consists of dynamic emerging voices as well as veteran civic leaders which provides historic context in the communities we serve as well an eye towards the future. These Directors include among others, health providers, planners and real estate professionals from Southern California and the Bay Area, providing a diverse array of perspective and capacity that augments those staff within the regular operations.

Darren Rosenberg

Board Chair

Susan Hwang

Board Secretary

Josh Butler

Board Treasurer

Andrea Sulsona


Steve Gerhardt

Board Member

Dr Vanessa Kaleb

Board Member

Louisa Franco

Board Member

Interested in joining our team?

We do not currently have any open positions but as we continue to grow, we are always on the lookout for talented, passionate, kind people who can join our team in the future. Please don't hesitate to contact us at