Chrissy Birkey

Operations Manager + Senior Planner

Chrissy Birkey is the Operations Manager and Senior Planner who is responsible for overseeing internal systems that allow City Fabrick to deepen its impact integrating social justice into the design industry. Chrissy knows how important, yet time-consuming, things like HR and invoicing can be, but she loves creating and overseeing streamlined systems so the rest of the talented team can be empowered to make our neighborhoods safer, stronger, and more beautiful. Chrissy also wears a secondary hat as Senior Planner which allows her to share her expertise in community engagement and homeless services with various partners. Chrissy has 20 years of nonprofit leadership experience, with extensive knowledge of affordable housing, homeless services, and asset-based community development. Chrissy holds a master's degree in Urban Affairs from Boston University, where she won the Award of Excellence in the City Planning Department. Currently, she is working towards her AICP certification. She also serves as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Bellflower. When she is not analyzing budgets or planning meeting agendas, Chrissy can be found hosting delicious weekly dinner parties in her neighborhood with her husband and two kids.

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