Cassidy Hart

Designer I

Cassidy Hart is a graphic designer who supports the City Fabrick team with thoughtful and compelling visual designs that prioritize clarity and accessibility. Cassidy sees design as a fundamental part of creating an equitable and resilient community. Cassidy accumulated a wide range of professional design experience through Northeastern University’s Co-op Education Program as well as Scout, a student-led design studio. Since then, she has worked in both in-house and agency graphic design roles. Cassidy is always aiming to expand her technical skillset to better serve City Fabrick’s high-impact, purpose-driven projects. Cassidy graduated summa cum laude from Northeastern University with a BFA in Graphic and Information design. When she’s not deep in her screen, Cassidy advocates for climate justice with the Sunrise Movement, explores Long Beach on runs and bike rides, and gets lost in hands-on, tactile art and design projects.

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