Angelica Meza

Studio Manager + Senior Designer

Angelica Meza is a Senior Graphic Designer who leverages her wealth of experiences and passion to enhance the projects she tackles at City Fabrick. Angelica supports clients and collaborators by infusing her work with a deep understanding of visual communication. She knows that effective design can bridge cultural gaps and facilitate civic engagement. On top of being a senior graphic designer, Angelica is also a dedicated Studio Manager at City Fabrick. She priorities the well-being of their team, ensuring a positive and collaborative work environment. With strong problem-solving skills, they adeptly tackle day-to-day operational challenges, keeping the studio running smoothly and efficiently. Angelica has secured an array of experiences, from her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design to her involvement in diverse project at City Fabrick, such as People's Planning School, Walk Long Beach, and professional proposals. Currently, she is dedicated to perfecting her craft and continually expanding her skill set in project management. Angelica is certified in graphic design and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from California State University Long Beach. When she's not at her desk multi-tasking, Angelica can be found exploring new cities, soaking in different cultures, and of course training her German Shepard, Oliver.

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