Velveth Alarcon

Designer II

Velveth is an interior designer at City Fabrick who takes a human-centered approach to design. She finds inspiration for her designs by understanding how the environment impacts people’s emotions and interactions. She strongly believes that giving priority to the human experience in a space can significantly improve its functionality and the way people perceive it. Velveth has been an asset to City Fabrick, contributing significantly to various commercial projects such as designing multi-family housing, offices, healthcare facilities, and educational facilities. This experience has helped her acquire a diverse range of technical, creative, and personal skills. Currently, she is working towards obtaining her NCIDQ certification, which is a widely recognized indicator of proficiency in interior design principles and a designer’s dedication to their profession. Currently, she holds the WELL AP credential, certifying her as an expert in the WELL Building Standard (WELL). This signifies her dedication to promoting human health and wellness in buildings and communities. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Cal State Long Beach and is presently a part-time instructor at the same institution, imparting her knowledge to students. When she’s not designing spaces, Velveth enjoys reading, teaching, and training in salsa dancing. She’s been passionate about salsa dancing for nearly a decade and loves performing and being part of a team. Additionally, she teaches beginner lessons at various dance studios.

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