As a design studio City Fabrick approaches each opportunity and challenge with an open-mind: sometimes the solution requires a can of paint; or a flier; rehabilitating or building a structure; even removing a major piece of infrastructure.

Architects typically provide building solutions, landscape architects have landscape solutions and so on. As such, we employ a diverse array of designers who have expertise and interests in all forms of design, be it graphic, landscape, urban or building design. This varied approach to design enriches each project and even allows City Fabrick to provide comprehensive and multifaceted design strategies when called upon.

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City Fabrick's design studio thrives on versatility and creativity. From a can of paint to urban planning, our diverse team embraces all forms of design, delivering tailored and innovative solutions that breathe life into every project.


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Balancing urgency with sustainability City Fabrick takes a comprehensive approach to change addressing the symptoms and systems while building the infrastructures tor lasting change.


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We direct tactical solutions to address immediate social needs, designing new parks and affordable housing communities, as well as transforming buildings and infrastructure into community serving uses.


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We leverage our work restoring and reshaping the communities we serve to engage residents, stakeholders, and partners in shared learning and solution development, ultimately empowering self-determination.


City Fabrick is more than a design studio; it's a catalyst for community transformation. Blending creativity with practicality, our services encompass community engagement, visionary urban planning, tactical urbanism, and inspired design. Together, we're not just designing spaces; we're building vibrant, living communities.


City Fabrick is an independent organization that works beyond the conventional client-consultant framework, having the capacity to collaborate with partners on mission-driven work as well as self-initiated positive change in the community.

As an organization dedicated to positive transformation, City Fabrick transcends traditional roles. Our independence allows us to engage deeply with partners and community members, crafting initiatives that are both mission-driven and rooted in the desire to make a real difference. Whether collaborating on shared goals or pioneering our own community-based projects, our approach is marked by innovation, empathy, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Together, we're not just enhancing landscapes; we're enriching lives, building bridges, and forging a path towards a more vibrant and connected community.