Brian Ulaszewski

Executive Director, Principal

Brian Ulaszewski is the Executive Director and Principal of City Fabrick, guiding the collective vision, passion, and care throughout our work. Brian believes leveraging peoples’ shared creativity can lead to positive change in our communities. Brian has an innate ability to see community building through a variety of lenses and perspectives, leveraging policymaking, planning, and design to change systems. Currently, he is reflecting on how the design profession can meaningfully support communities in co-creating solutions, so they can determine their own futures. Brian was recognized by the Los Angeles - American Planning Association with the John Chase Visionary Award for his significant contribution to field of planning as a true visionary. Brian holds a bachelor's degree in architecture from the University of Southern California and more recently had returned there to teach in the Landscape Architecture and Urbanism Department. When he is not writing, drawing, meeting, coordinating, facilitating, guiding, diagramming, sketching, presenting, calculating, dreaming, pointing…Brian is traveling near and far, seeking new culinary experiences or closer to home is practicing his mixology skills for family and friends, including crafting a mean Shirley Temple.

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