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Jenni Rivera Memorial Park


Long Beach, CA






Landscape Architecture

The new playground addition to the Jenni Rivera Park is a much-needed amenity for the Midtown community of Long Beach.

The greenbelt created from the former Pacific Electric Streetcar right-of-way is an important but community asset, connecting multiple local schools and parks. While an essential public open space, the park lacked active programming and amenities, primarily just being used for its walking and biking trail, connecting various other community amenities along its length.

Urban + Systems

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Building +  Interior

Landscape Architecture

The addition of the playground at Jenni Rivera Memorial Park provided a much needed active space for children to play and families to gather. The outdoor active space provides children with the opportunity to grow, think and expand their worlds in a safe lush environment. City Fabrick worked with multiple City departments and agencies to navigate a complex array of subsurface utilities and easements to locate and design the playground and surrounding amenities to best serve the community.





“This new playground is a very welcome addition to the neighborhood. Local Youth now have a great new place to safely play.” -Vice Mayor Dee Andrews