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Diesel Commons


Santa Ana, CA






Building + Interior
Landscape Architecture

The project transformed a diesel truck repair facility located in the middle of a Santa Ana residential neighborhood into a small business campus, significantly decreasing local air, noise, light, and visual pollution for neighbors, while establishing a new neighborhood hub for small businesses.

The architectural elements of the vintage, two-story tilt-up concrete building and pair of Quonset huts were enhanced while new entrances and circulation were introduced throughout the property. The residual side yards and rear service yard were reimagined with new trees, landscaping, and amenity spaces for occupants and visitors. The concrete tilt-up building was converted into the textile manufacturing, creative, and corporate hub for Harvey’s while the two Quonset huts now host a variety of small businesses and live/work spaces, including a fitness studio, restaurants, shops, and maker spaces. Warm materials were introduced throughout the three buildings where changes were made to the classic metal and concrete structure, including wood floor to expansive vaulted glass storefronts on the Quonset huts which create a dramatic presence for the otherwise simple buildings along the street.

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Building +  Interior

Landscape Architecture