MAYE Center, Knight Foundation, Long Beach Community Foundation




We want to build a center for any kind of trauma and so our objective is to draw in the larger community.
— Dr. Alex Norman, MAYE Center Board Member

The MAYE Center is a Center for Self-Healing, and Cultivation of Well-Being through an Integrated Practice of Physical, Spiritual, and Community Growth. Located in Long Beach’s Cambodia Town ethnic enclave, the MAYE Center repurposed a for,we single-family property into an community farm, repurposing the vintage California Bungalow, into a yoga, meditation and community learning center. With it’s growing number of users, MAYE Center leadership engaged City Fabrick to develop a master plan for enhancing the indoor and outdoor elements, to better support existing and new programming.

Supported through Long Beach Community Foundation, Knight Foundation donor advised fund, City Fabrick engaged MAYE staff, leadership, and users to determine how the property can be upgraded to support programs and improve the user experience. City Fabrick led the engagement process, researched similar facilities, and developed conceptual building and landscape designs for improvements to the MAYE Center.