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Given our multidisciplinary approach to improving our communities, City Fabrick offers a unique variety of design, planning and advocacy services that can be categorized as community engagement, urban planning, tactical urbanism, programs and design.






The voice of the community can be constrained when only a few residents or stakeholders are engaged around discussions with predefined choices. Robust community-based knowledge is the crux of City Fabrick’s work, striving to build the voice of community members through creativity and collaboration. We meet residents, stakeholders and government officials in ways they can easily participate in meaningful discussions to define their collective future.




Sharing complex ideas and messages can often be difficult, especially when attempting to reach those typically not engaged in the decision-making process. City Fabrick strives to raise the level of discourse in our communities through proven and innovative strategies, both low and high in bandwidth, using both physical and virtual tools. Whether branding an organization, communicating a broad campaign or floating a new idea, we develop custom graphic platforms and often use combinations of infographics, engaging visuals and multiple languages to reach larger audiences.




When permanent change is necessary, we collaborate with clients, communities and cities to envision and realize these positive transformations. Whether designing new public spaces, repurposing historic structures for new lives or creating homes for our most in need, City Fabrick has a diverse array of expertise to fill the unique role and project we're tasked to serve. We bring our creativity, resourcefulness and technical capacity to every project to accomplish lasting positive change for the communities we serve.



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We strongly believe that comprehensive research, authentic engagement and thoughtful deliberation typically lead to the most effective strategic action. City Fabrick collaborates with a wide variety of partners to develop these inclusive visions for implementing positive change in the communities we serve. Working within a variety of spaces including active transportation, affordable housing and open space access, we approach every effort with an open perspective. We employ best practices in the field just as much as the experts on the ground, to develop comprehensive, action-oriented plans.




Temporary interventions in the urban environment are most successful when employed to demonstrate, test or build momentum for new ideas in a community. As constant innovators in community building, City Fabrick works within communities to design and execute physical changes spanning a day to a year on ideas ranging from open space to transportation to historic preservation. We employ a variety of visual and tactile materials including paint, furniture and lighting along with engaging programming to create immersive experiences for shared learning by the public and decision makers.