City Fabrick is a nonprofit multi-disciplinary design studio reshaping communities in need through collaborative public-interest design, planning, policy development, and advocacy.

Based in Long Beach, City Fabrick engages with existing communities willing to explore change as ideal laboratories for creating innovative examples of how to repurpose, retrofit and develop sustainable cities. By leveraging the prototyping, piloting and experimentation, City Fabrick collaborates with other purpose-driven  organizations to fast-track these communities for invention and best practices.

City Fabrick adapts to working in a diversity of environments, filling a variety of roles and providing a broad spectrum of expertise – based what best serves those partnerships, programs and projects. As a consultant, the organization provides professional services to other nonprofit organizations, government agencies and private entities dedicated on projects that serve the public good. 

City Fabrick plans, designs and implements projects spanning open space, mobility, land-use, housing and cultural development with concepts that are both site-specific and globally relevant. City Fabrick prepares research studies, formulates policies, develops communication resources and implements designs that proactively engage and empower professionals, officials, community leaders and the public on a broad range of topics related to urban planning, policy and design.




As a design studio City Fabrick approaches each opportunity and challenge with an open-mind: sometimes the solution requires a can of paint; or a flier; rehabilitating or building a structure; even removing a major piece of infrastructure. Architects typically providing building solutions, landscape architects have landscape solutions and so on. As such, we employ a diverse array of designers who have expertise and interests in all forms of design, be it graphic, landscape, urban or building design. This varied approach to design enriches each project and even allows City Fabrick to provide comprehensive and multifaceted design strategies when called upon.


LEED AP-Executive Director Principal

Brian Ulaszewski has over two decades of experience working in the design and planning field on work spanning tactical interventions like pop-up plazas and parklets to building and landscape projects to regional-scale planning and state policy, all dedicated to improving communities Brian has extensive experience working with local governments, developers, affordable housing providers, and nonprofit organizations on a wide variety projects ranging graphic, environmental, building, landscape and urban design. He has also returned to teach within the Landscape Architecture and Urbanism Department at the University of South California, School of Architecture. Brian is a recognized leader in city building, having been recognized by the American Planning Association – Los Angeles with the John Chase Visionary Award and invited to speak at several academic and industry publications.

BAKTAASH SORKHABI Program + Design Coordinator


Baktaash Sorkhabi has contributed greatly to the work at City Fabrick, helping the organization with graphic design, academic research, community advocacy, program coordination, and project facilitation. As the Program and Design Coordinator, Baktaash brings nearly a decade of both public and private sector experience. The range of projects Baktaash has worked on include envisioning and designing temporary environments for people such as pop-up plazas, researching and developing case studies for domestic as well as international cities. The Long Beach Post recognized Baktaash as one of the city’s distinguished young individuals making a positive impact for their annual ‘Top 40 under 40” list. He is also the founder of Longbeachize, an award-winning community organization and news website involved in a wide range of issues including transportation, land use governance, planning, open space, sustainability and well-being.

ALEXANDER JUNG  Urban Designer

Urban Designer

Alexander Jung brings to his work at City Fabrick a unique perspective working on urban design and planning projects in the public, private, academic, and nonprofit sectors. With over five years of experience, Alexander has proven to be an effective project manager, designer, and community facilitator in his involvement with several award-winning projects throughout Southern California. The range of projects Alexander has worked on include visioning and designing multimodal streetscapes, parks and open spaces, First/Last Mile connectivity plans, pedestrian and bicycle networks, and Transit Oriented Districts. Recently arriving to Long Beach, he has already worked on several plans and projects throughout the city. He is also the Development Coordinator for Tuesday Night Project, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that provides a space for artists and community activists to share their work.

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Landscape Architect

Mina Emamifar Roades brings her passion and creativity in landscape architecture to her work creating spaces that enrich the lives of people. Mina brings over fourteen years of experience as a Landscape Architect to City Fabrick, as well as her knowledge as a Long Beach resident. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from USC where she took courses in Landscape Architecture and found interest in receiving a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture at North Carolina State University College of Design. Her experience living and working on the east coast has given her expertise in the diverse plant material and different ecosystems of the area. Moving back to Southern California, Mina grew an appreciation for the unique opportunity to design with drought tolerant planting and natives, believing that our native species and adapted natives can create rich and lush environments that embrace our culture.

ANGELICA MEZA  Fellow Designer


Angelica Meza allows her previous experiences and passion to be her driving force in her work at City Fabrick. She attended Orange Coast College and found her passion in visual communication. Angelica received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from California State University Long Beach in 2015. Through the graphic design program, she was able to explore new cities and learn from various cultures from around the world, which have proven useful in her position at City Fabrick. Due to her experiences, they have allowed her to understand and collaborate with many different clients and projects that pass through City Fabrick with great care, attention, and empathy. The range of projects that Angelica has worked on include civic engagement like People’s Planning School and Walk Long Beach, visual communication for various different clients, and tactical urbanism such as pop-up plazas.

Senior Designer

Eric Gomez has practiced architecture professionally in Southern California for over seventeen years and has worked as a Senior Designer on an array of projects ranging from mixed-use retail, office and hotel developments, educational facilities, urban revitalization public improvement projects, master planning and multifamily residential. He obtained his Bachelor of Architecture from Woodbury University and an Associate Degree in Architecture from Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa. Eric has a well-rounded set of skills, believes in quality over quantity, pays close attention to detail, and ensures that every project is done to the highest possible standard. Because of this, he has contributed to award-winning commercial projects such as Lincoln & Rose (a retail project in Venice), and various other mixed-use and residential developments.




City Fabrick has a volunteer Board of Directors that consistently provides strategic guidance, fiscal oversight and expert insight. City Fabrick’s Board of Directors consists of dynamic emerging voices as well as veteran civic leaders which provides historic context in the communities we serve as well an eye towards the future. These Directors include among others, health providers, planners and real estate professionals from Southern California and the Bay Area, providing a diverse array of perspective and capacity that augments those staff within the regular operations.


Vice Chair



LEED AP-Executive Director Principal