Given our multidisciplinary approach to improving our communities, City Fabrick offers a unique variety of design, planning and advocacy services that can be categorized into community engagement, urban planning, tactical urbanism, programs, and design.






Acknowledging that those who live, work, and play in their neighborhood on a daily basis are the true experts in the needs of a community, City Fabrick uses a bottom-up approach to planning by integrating robust public participation in all phases of the design process. When it comes to outreach, the studio goes above and beyond in its attempt to facilitate critical thinking and discussion by producing engagement material that is interactive, visually stimulating, and customized for each community without compromising its comprehensiveness.




 As a multi-disciplinary design studio, our work spans from communications and graphic design to architecture and environmental design that can develop site-specific as well as globally relevant solutions.  Project typologies are determined by site conditions and potential strategies, allowing City Fabrick to work beyond artificial boundaries of physical and ethereal, public and private, space and structure, relying instead on the commonality of creativity & inclusivity to make change.





City Fabrick is an urban design studio that prepares research, and formulates plans and policies in collaboration with government and community stakeholders to define a sustainable future.  These initiatives rely on a foundation of previous planning efforts and their accompanying processes, informed by relevant precedents and local conditions to find solutions that address existing challenges and utilizing present opportunities.  City Fabrick develops plans and policies that are both targeted to specific elements, opportunities or challenges, and comprehensive; spanning from infrastructure to land-use to mobility




We understand that each community has a unique cultural and built environment that requires creativity and collaboration between stakeholders to produce plans, projects and policies that consider the existing and future context. City Fabrick approaches urban issues using a combination of advocacy and participatory planning paradigms, aiming to incorporate and harmonize the viewpoints of all community members in a manner that responds with best practices taken and adapted both locally and internationally.




Without the support from community members, large-scale capital improvement projects can be met with hostility and disapproval. As a response, City Fabrick embraces the use of tactical urbanism, or the prototyping of urban design interventions using a collection of low-cost, temporary materials and programming. City Fabrick has been involved in the design, development and implementation of such projects, identifying it as an opportunity for substantive community feedback and the strengthening of community member relationships.




City Fabrick is committed to creating a culture of sharing knowledge and civic engagement, particularly in the context of Long Beach. As a result, City Fabrick has participated in hosting several programs that encourage thought-provoking discussions of current urban issues and innovations.