City of Long Beach,
YMCA of Greater Long Beach,
& The California Endowment



Advocate for improvements for pedestrian safety & comfort, working with stakeholders to identify opportunities and challenges in the community.

Formed as a collaboration between the YMCA of Greater Long Beach, Long Beach’ Department of Health and Human Services, City Fabrick and a number of other community organizations, Walk Long Beach is dedicated to promoting and advocating for walking in the city. As part of Walk Long Beach, City Fabrick facilitated dozens of walking workshops in communities throughout the city to teach residents how to observe their neighborhood critically for walk ability, with the intention of building advocacy for walking. Through these workshops City Fabrick designed a series of “walking loops” that encourage walking through these neighborhoods, highlighting interesting sites as identified by participants of the workshops.

In April 2016, Walk Long Beach became a standalone non-profit organization, a project of Community Partners, its fiscal sponsor. Walk Long Beach is expanding its programs and solidifying its network of supporters and community outreach partners. City Fabrick continues to collaborate with Walk Long Beach, providing technical and creative capacity to the organization. For more information about Walk Long Beach, please visit www.walklongbeach.org