Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine Department, Office of Vice Mayor Rex Richardson




We want to celebrate our veterans and thank them for their service. Long Beach has a strong history of veterans in our community and a great tradition of honoring and supporting our veterans.
— Mayor Robert Garcia |

The Veteran Valor Plaza is an extensive renovation, expansion, and enhancement of an existing monument in North Long Beach’s Houghton Park. Building upon the original memorial and elevated Huey Helicopter, a larger memorial walk and garden was constructed to tie the memorial to the street corner. An additional programming space and transit Plaza was constructed at the corner with furniture, gateway signage, and electronic reader board creating a welcome entry into the regional park from the Uptown Business District.

The Veteran Valor Plaza was developed in collaboration with the Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine Department, and the office of Vice Mayor Rex Richardson. City Fabrick extensively engaged residents, local stakeholders, and the veterans community as part of a complex discussion related to honoring local veterans. This included events, programming, and design of the Veterans Valor Plaza project, which City Fabrick also provided full landscape design services.