17-1005 CF TinyTim North-N.jpg

Magis Realty,
Development Partners,
TCA, Wells Fargo Fondation, and theCity of Santa Ana

Spring 2021


How to feasibly transition the prototypical strip retail center into a neighborhood-serving village has been a vexing challenge for planners, designers and developers.

Tiny Tim Plaza, in the City of Santa Ana, will become the prototypical example of revitalizing the suburban-style strip retail center in order to serve the surrounding community. The auto-oriented site configuration typical to these developments will serve as the platform for creating community-serving uses including outdoor common areas, spaces for nonprofit partners and affordable housing. This will be done by retaining the two primary commercial buildings as well as the majority of the current tenants, which provide an ideal mix of neighborhood-serving retail, restaurants and services.

A new mixed-use building will be constructed at the southwest corner that will create an engaging urban edge along 5th Street and Hawley Street while creating edges for open spaces internal to the project site. There will be a diversity of outdoor community spaces designed to physically connect residents and community members to the project. The central hub of activity will be located in the crux of the north-south and east-west esplanade, formed by a pedestrian plaza and mini-park that fronts onto a band shell that reuses the former gas station canopy. Health and wellness will form the foundation of the redevelopment with an ongoing jogging track looping throughout Tiny Tim at a length of a fifth-mile, with very limited interruptions from vehicles.

City Fabrick continues to engage existing businesses and new community partners with branding, interior design and environmental graphics. The project is under construction, and is expected to be completed in Spring of 2021.