We are the Next, Downtown Long Beach Alliance




The idea was that we would provide opportunities for residents and visitors of downtown Long Beach to think about the places that surround them, and leave with the impression that there’s more to Long Beach than they knew.
— Katie Rispoli, Executive Director of We Are the Next | The Grunion

City Fabrick collaborated with the California Arts Council to develop the State Cultural District program as codified in Assembly Bill 189 (Author Assemblymember Richard Bloom). City Fabrick initially studied other state designation programs from across the nation, comparing selection process and support that each program provided. City Fabrick then developed a dashboard assessment of existing Cultural Arts Districts across California with the intention to prompt future research and build a context for California to consider policies for designating and supporting qualifying arts and cultural districts.

The two reports formed the basis of Assembly Bill 189, which launched the Cultural District program. The material was presented to the California Joint Committee of the Arts consisting of members of the State Assembly and Senate and was used to educate officials of the benefits of such a program for creative communities across California. City Fabrick also served on the selection committee for the first class of California’s Cultural Districts to be announced late 2017. The California Art Council Initial Assessment can be found here.