Royal Palms
Homeowners Association,
& JR Van Dijs



An intensive design collaboration with residents to bring to life this Mid-Century Modern landmark.

City Fabrick collaborated with the JR Van Dijs Inc. and the Royal Palms Co-Operative to re-invigorate the mid-century modern high-rise’s rich architecture as part of a fairly benign exterior maintenance project. The Francis Merchant and Richard Shelley designed building has an “X” shape configuration made up of a large bar with a pair of residential wings spreading out towards the corners of the property, each with large banks of window and wall panels. Based on its size along the 12-story Royal Palms Apartments has been a fixture of Downtown Long Beach’s Arts District since it was built in the 1950’s. 

City Fabrick and the Royal Palms Co-Operative embarked on collaborative design process that included multiple iterations of the color schemes, with each change based on democratic elections. City Fabrick initiated the process with concepts ranging between simple and complex, then introducing varied color pallets based on emotions and aesthetic themes. Based on the direct votes and supplemental input, often from opposing opinions, City Fabrick refined the color palette and arrangement into a final design that was ultimately approved by the Royal Palms Co-Operative. The new dynamic paint scheme now activates the building architecture and cements the Royal Palm’s landmark status in Downtown Long Beach.