“City Fabrick is a nonprofit design studio dedicated to enhancing communities through collaborative public interest design, planning and policy development.”

Based in Long Beach, City Fabrick engages with existing communities willing to explore change as ideal laboratories for creating innovative examples of how to repurpose, retrofit and develop sustainable cities. By leveraging the prototyping, piloting and experimentation, City Fabrick collaborates with other purpose-driven  organizations to fast-track these communities for invention and best practices.

City Fabrick adapts to working in a diversity of environments, filling a variety of roles and providing a broad spectrum of expertise – based what best serves those partnerships, programs and projects. As a consultant, the organization provides professional services to other nonprofit organizations, government agencies and private entities dedicated on projects that serve the public good. 

City Fabrick plans, designs and implements projects spanning open space, mobility, land-use, housing and cultural development with concepts that are both site-specific and globally relevant. City Fabrick prepares research studies, formulates policies, develops communication resources and implements designs that proactively engage and empower professionals, officials, community leaders and the public on a broad range of topics related to urban planning, policy and design.