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Urban Design and Planning, Landscape Design and Planning, Interior Design, Graphic Design and Communications, and Community Engagement


The Housing Authority Los Angeles has engaged the development collective of The Richman Group, Century Housing and National CORE to Plan and redevelop the Rancho San Pedro affordable housing community. City Fabrick is leading the comprehensive design and planning for the redevelopment, as well as extensive community engagement and communications associated with the overall process. This is being coordinated with a community development plan being created for the larger area surrounding the Rancho San Pedro property.

Situated between Downtown San Pedro, Barton Hill neighborhood and the active waterfront, the Community’s redevelopment plan is being conceptualized as an opportunity to build physical, economic, emotional, and cultural connections: One San Pedro. The plan is being developed through extensive participation from RSP residents and stakeholders from the larger community, including residents participating in the People’s Planning School, interactive workshops and walking tours, and establishment of a local office, designed by City Fabrick. Various portions of the planning process will continue through 2019 and 2020, with initial phases to start construction soon thereafter.