District Wine


Tactical Urbanism

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A parklet is a transformation of street parking and residual roadway into customizable extensions of a sidewalk to function as an outdoor shared space. Given the interest in complete streets, City Fabrick has collaborated with multiple business owners and Long Beach city officials to develop parklets throughout the city including fronting the businesses Hamburger Mary’s and District Wine. The parklet for Hamburger Mary’s is built on Pine Avenue and designed with high-quality materials that increases the visibility of the windowless business. The parklet at District Wine has also been successful in attracting customers and creating a more lively and interesting pedestrian environment.

Having designed the majority of Long Beach’s parklets City Fabrick is using its expertise to collaborate with the Long Beach Departments of Long Beach Public Works and Development Services to refine the process for reviewing and approving new parklets. As the trend for parklets increases, City Fabrick continues to lead the conversation in creating these unconventional, yet much needed public spaces.