Meta Housing,
LINC Housing,
and National CORE



I really like the look of the branding of the building, the exterior space plans, and look of the presentation. It’s a delight to work with you all!
— Nina Dooley, LINC Housing

Expanding the availability of affordable housing is as important as ever, yet securing the ability to deliver new housing can be difficult in some communities due to the high cost of land, austere regulations or unfavorable political climates. As there is growing recognition among affordable housing providers that their investment can be leveraged further for community development, new partners and approaches to design are necessary. City Fabrick is collaborating with a number of affordable housing providers to create identities and communication platforms for new developments in order to procure resources for financing development, securing necessary approvals and ultimately integrating these projects into the surrounding community. These services have included graphic design, community engagement and even urban design direction, all to insure that the housing developments can suitably fit within and respond to their already established context.