City of Long Beach, Healthy Active Long Beach




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The Communities of Excellence in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention (CX3) Pedestrian Plan is the result of a three year program to assess ten disadvantaged neighborhoods in Long Beach to develop a plan to increase pedestrian safety and  access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity. Building upon earlier neighborhood assessments, City Fabrick and multiple City agencies, led by Long Beach’s Department of Health and Human Services employed a comprehensive and collaborative process that included dozens of interactive community events and workshops, inter-departmental coordination meetings, and stakeholder interviews. In total, approximately 2,400 people of various ages, spoken languages, and economic statuses contributed to the overall development of the Plan.

A key feature of the Plan, the Pedestrian Toolkit, illustrates urban design treatments that can be implemented in the CX3 neighborhoods to encourage walking as a viable mode of travel, and is translated into Spanish, and Khmer. The Plan is an implementation-oriented document that provides short-, mid-, and long-term pedestrian improvement projects that have been determined based on a variety of objectives defined by the community outreach and data analysis. In 2017, the Long Beach City Council, Long Beach Planning Commission and the Board of Health and Human Services recognized and adopted the Plan and the American Planning Association – Los Angeles recognized the Plan for Outstanding Transportation Plan.