Century Villages at Cabrillo



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The Century Villages at Cabrillo is a residential community established to break the cycle of homelessness. A former naval housing campus serving Long Beach ship yards, the Villages has been transformed into a vibrant supportive housing community. To  expand the vision of dignified, affordable housing and economic opportunity within a supportive community, City Fabrick collaborated with the CVC to develop a revised Community Master Plan for the campus. The Community Plan reflects the current and future built, social and housing needs; challenges; and opportunities of the campus and its residents.

Reinforced with workshops, meetings and community events, and multiple surveys, to engage residents, service providers and administrators, resident opinion was gauged on subject matters related to the Community Plan update. The Plan defining future Housing development, community amenities and services, all oriented around a new active transportation network and a variety of open spaces. Reinforcing the goals for the Villages, the new campus proposal will also be LEED – Neighborhood Development certified, for which the plan is currently be documented and codified for.. These considerations will enable the creation of a vibrant pedestrian- and community-oriented development that is well integrated and sustainable in nature, with minimal impact on its environment.