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The discussion of arts-based placemaking has been gaining popularity among public officials, policy makers, and communities across a wide range of geographic scales, as
increasingly vital to community revitalization. The growth of place-based arts and cultural districts speak to the importance of such districts to their surrounding communities.

The California Arts and Cultural Districts Initial Assessment is a report to provide context of existing arts and cultural districts in California and begins a preliminary analysis of these locally-developed, designated arts and cultural districts to help determine the differences between them and other districts with state-level designation. Creative placemaking and place-based arts communities have demonstrated a vital role in community revitalization in ways where previous efforts have failed. City Fabrick presents this report in order to continue to explore the potential of arts and cultural districts both locally, in Long Beach, as well as statewide.
The material collected in this report represents districts from around California and from a variety of backgrounds. The report lists: the specific boundaries, if available; the organizational structure, if one exists; anchors; events and points-of-interest; and the general history and development of each district. At the same time, the report attempts to demonstrate both the successes and challenges of arts and cultural district development at the local level.
City Fabrick collaborated with The California Arts Council on the creation of this report, which they used as the basis for the proposal of Assembly Bill 189, which provides technical and promotional support to the districts, as well as collaboration with public agencies and private entities to maximize the benefits to the local and state economy in designated cultural districts that are identified through a competitive process.